About me

How can my writing help you?

You know you need quality content tailored to your brand—but you already have a job to do.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Cheyenne, a freelance writer for hire.

I can help you build your online presence through search-engine friendly material and social media—saving you time and money.

My favorite topics to write on include:

•   holistic health, wellbeing, and mindfulness

•   sustainability

•   intersectional feminism

My skillset includes:

•  blog writing and WordPress

•   writing for social media and search engines

•   social media designs and graphics

•   email newsletters and campaigns that work

•   successful landing pages

If you need a blogger, copywriter, ghostwriter, or columnist with style and timeliness, I’ve got you covered.


And, in case you’re curious, here’s a little bit more about me:



•   I live in the mountains of southern Oregon on a farm I helped start with my boyfriend.

•   I caught the entrepreneurial “bug” after helping to launch said farm, and now work for myself: writing freelance and running a sweet little textiles business. (Okay, and maybe I moonlight as a part-time baker at the amazing Rise Up! Artisan Bread while I grow my businesses.)

•   I ventured to southern Oregon in the first place because I wanted to learn how to build my own house out of natural materials like earth, straw, and wood. So, I have a pretty sweet skill set there, too.

•  I studied restorative justice, art, and writing in college—an idealist at heart.